In-Campus Organizations

Organizations in KAIST

If you are not sure where to talk to, contact the Center for Human Rights.

Center for Ethics and Human Rights

N22 Room 208T. 042-350-1004E.


T. 042-350-2011E. |

Social Inclusion Committee


KAIST Graduate Association Students Human Rights Center

W2 Room 201T. 042-350-0333 E.

KAIST Student & Minority Human Rights Committe

N13-1 Room 205E.

Counseling Center

N13-1 3rd FloorT. 042-350-7952E.

Stress Clinic

E21T. 042-350-0540

International Scholar and Student Services Team

W2-1 Room 104E.

Student Affairs Office / Student Life Office

Legal Affairs Team / Campus Police / Customer Satisfaction Center

Report Anonymously

If you want to report something anonymously,

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